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The Gems of Northern California: San Francisco, Carmel-by-the-Sea, and more!

I recently traveled to California’s Bay area and it is BEAUTIFUL! Northern California is such a wonderful travel destination. The temperature is perfect, it’s gluten free friendly, and so much shopping is available. Check out the gems of Northern California.

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Afternoon Tea at the House of Commons

This adorable, laid back, and classy English tea joint is located in the heart of Downtown Denver just a ten minute walk from historic Union Station. The House of Commons is my new favorite spot and a must see for tea lovers, locals, and tourists. They also offer gluten free and vegan options (YAY)!

Address: 2401 15th St, Denver, CO USA 80202

Hours: Monday-Sunday 10:00 am-6:00 pm


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Unique and Amazing Cafe’s in Korea

Korea is all about coffee shops and cafes. Cafe hopping quickly became an addiction of mine. There is a coffee shop for everyone out there. Pick your fav, things like Starbucks, local chains, pudding cafes, even cat cafes! You have to check out Korea’s best cafes. 😀

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Korea’s Incredibly Delicious Treats and Snacks

Let me tell you, Korea is filled with the most incredible treats. One of my favorite things about South Korea are the desserts and snacks that are available. I love everything there. The featured image is a glass case filled with treats found in the basement of Korean department store. Enjoy all the fun options available to you. 😀 (Gluten Free options as well)

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Daily Gluten Free Life in Delicious South Korea

I just lived in South Korea for 4 months as a Celiac and with the help of my amazing Korean roommates I was able to live comfortably and enjoyably in South Korea on a gluten free diet. Of course it was not always easy especially because I lived in a dorm room without a kitchen and on a tight budget. I love food however so I definitely made it work and enjoyed South Korean cuisine. Luckily, Korea is filled with many naturally gluten free and delicious foods. I am going to share my tips and basic favorite foods with you now. A lot of this has been trial and error on my part so I cannot guarantee that everything I recommend is completely gluten free however, I am an extremely sensitive celiac and I will only recommend the items that did not upset my stomach. Read on to see.

2016-06-04 17.04.25

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University in Korea

Let me begin with this. I am extremely impressed with Korea. After the Korean war shook the peninsula and divided its people, South Korea became the worlds poorest country. Today it is in the top 15 economies in the world. This transformation occurred in only about a 30 years time span which is crazy. It is one of the only countries in the world to go from receiving an immense amount of international aid to giving an immense amount of international aid. Now South Korea boasts the worlds fastest internet speeds as well as the most stable and available 4G LTE network coverage. I was literally on top of a mountain in the middle of no where and I still had data. Just a few observations: Every car in has a built in GPS. Korea has all of these cities. Everyone lives in a city. It’s either city or in the middle of no where. Koreans are also the most caring people I have ever met. Instead of asking the typical “how are you?” They ask, “Did you have lunch? What did you eat”? They are really concerned about your actual health.

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